Island FAQ


Stradeasy is North Stradbroke Islands exclusive ferry pick up and drop off service and provides “ferry to door” transport for passengers arriving by ferry, to accommodation or other chosen locations on Straddie.

How do I get to Straddie?

You can only access Straddie via barge or water taxi and all ferries depart from Cleveland, Queensland (30 minutes from Brisbane CBD). If you’re taking your vehicle across (and if you have a 4WD then this is a no brainer), you’ll need to book on the Sealink vehicle ferry. You’re required to arrive at the terminal 20 minutes before your departure time and the trip across takes about 45 minutes. It drops you off at the town of Dunwich, which is on the western side of the island.

For foot passengers, there is the choice of the Sealink Water taxi which departs Cleveland next to the car barge and arrives in Dunwich also next to the barge. The other option is the Goldcat Flyer. This departs from near the barge BUT arrives at One Mile in Dunwich approx. 1km from the barge.

How do I get around Straddie?

There is a local bus service that travels frequently between Point Lookout and Dunwich, linking up with most of the passenger ferries. The bus also travels 4 times each day to Amity.

For destinations off the main bus route, we recommend booking Stradeasy.

Are there ATM's and Banking facilities on the island?

There is an ATM at Foodworks in Dunwich, Point Lookout, and also ATM’s at various pubs and clubs on the island. The post office in Dunwich or Point Lookout can help with basic banking requirements.

Do I need a 4WD?

No, the three townships are linked by sealed roads and are accessible by conventional vehicles. A 4WD is only required if you wish to drive on the beaches.

How far is it from Dunwich to Point Lookout and Amity?

Driving on the main sealed road:

  • 20km Dunwich to Point Lookout – allow 20 mins
  • 18km Dunwich to Amity – allow 20 mins
  • 13km Amity to Point Lookout – allow 15 mins
Where can I buy groceries on the island?

Foodworks at Dunwich, Point Lookout and the Amity Point General store all stock general grocery items such as meat, fruit and veg, packaged foods, ice and personal items. The Green Room at Point Lookout also stocks fruit and veg as well as gourmet packaged items.

    Where can I buy fresh meat on the island?

    The Stradbroke Island Butchery is located on Stradbroke Pl, Dunwich. You can also buy a limited selection of meat from Foodworks, Point Lookout or Dunwich and the Amity Point General Store.

      Where can I buy fresh fish on the island?

      There are 2 options at Point Lookout, The Prawn Shack on Mintee St and Mal Starkey’s on Tramican St. For the best selection it is worth a trip out to Rufus King in Amity. In Oyster season, you can buy fresh oysters at Myora  (look for the signs)

        Where can I fuel my vehicle?

        There is a petrol station at each township, Dunwich, Point Lookout and Amity. They generally close around 6pm. There is no LGP available on the island.

          Can I drive on the beach?

          You can drive on the beach at Flinders and Main Beach. When driving on Flinders, you can get on and off at Flinders Beach or Adder Rock. While there’s also an access point at Amity Point, it’s often closed due to erosion. Flinders Beach makes for really easy beach driving. Just watch out for children and people, as it can become quite crowded out the front of camping zones.
          You can also drive along the 35km stretch that is Main Beach. This takes you from Point Lookout all the way down to the Jumpinpin – known for its fishing. There are some narrow spots towards the southern end of this beach, even during low tides.
          4WD Permits are required when driving on the beach. You can purchase a permit from the Minjerribah Camping in Amity or at Adder Rock or online at

            Is there a family beach on the island?

            Cylinder Beach is popular with families because it is easily accessible with a carpark situated only metres from the beach. It is a cove between Cylinder and Home Beach Headlands, so the waves are often smaller and is perfect for swimming and sun bathing. This beach is patrolled by Lifeguards, times will vary from peak to off-peak seasons

              Where to catch a surf break on Straddie?

              Main Beach

              Main Beach has some good beach breaks, and has a fair few banks from the surf club headland 1km south. Main Beach is for experienced surfers only.

              Frenchman’s Beach
              Frenchman’s Beach is usually the pick in winter with the westerly winds. It’s a short walk down a set of stairs (about 150-200 stairs). Frenchman’s Beach is unsuitable for swimming and has no lifeguards or lifesavers on duty.

              Cylinder Beach
              Cylinder Beach has great waves for long boarders and can get a good wave when the swell is on. For any learn-to-surfers who would like a lesson, you can tee up a lesson with the Straddie Surf School.

                Where can I see the whales and other marine life?

                Thousands of Humpback Whales migrate north past Straddie starting around May through to July to breed in the warmer waters during winter and then travel south with their calves from about August to October. Marine life abounds in the waters including dolphins, turtles, Eagle and Manta rays. You can stand on the headlands at Point Lookout and watch whales breaching, dolphins riding the waves and see turtles through the azure oceanic waters.

                  Can I hire a Car or Bike on the island?

                  There is limited care hire available on Straddie, book through the CarNextDoor website.
                   Push bikes can be hired from Dunwich Sports and Hobbies in Dunwich, or the Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre at Point Lookout. Please note that bikes are not generally permitted on the local bus service.

                    Is there Internet Access on the island?

                    Free Internet is available at the Library at Point Lookout and Dunwich.
                    WIFI is available at many establishments including some campgrounds.

                      Can I get mobile phone coverage on the island?

                      Currently Telstra and Optus supply the best coverage on the island. Other phone services do not operate in certain areas.

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